Cocoa Specification

Premium Quality Ghana Cocoa

Recognizing that our business involves nourishing people, the Ghana Cocoa Board strives to meet the evolving trade quality required by our customers. Ghana remains the producer of the best quality bulk cocoa whiles the CMC maintains its reputation as the most reliable supplier of premium quality cocoa from origin. The minimum Quality standards set by Ghana Cocoa Board exceed the benchmarks set in the international cocoa market for the trade in Good Fermented Cocoa. Ghana cocoa beans have established a reputation as the ingredient of preference for quality oriented chocolate manufacturers. That is why top brand chocolates and confectionery products are labelled with Ghana Cocoa for the high end market positioning and a symbol of quality. Only the best associate itself with Ghana Cocoa. High Theo bromine and Flavanoid contents found in Ghana Cocoa - A research by ICCO established that, Ghana cocoa is richer in Theobromine and Flavonoids than even the most reputed Fine and Flavour cocoa. This gives further credence to the nutritional benefit that consumers derive from Ghana Cocoa beans.Researchers at the University of California, Davis, led by Dr. Carl Keen, have conducted studies that concluded that, consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa and chocolate positively affect cardiovascular biomarkers. A new evidence suggest that, cocoa and chocolate may be able to contribute to reducing risk of certain types of cancer. Contrary to consumer perception, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that, cocoa and chocolate consumption is associated with Obesity, Allergies, Diabetes, Migraines and Acne. (Source: ICCO)

Quality Specifications: For Ghana Cocoa Beans

Maximum Defect Levels

Grade Mouldy Salty Other Defects
Grade 1 3% 3% 3%
Grade 11 4% 8% 6%

The superior quality specifications for Ghana Cocoa are attributed to the excellent post harvest handling by the Ghanaian farmer. Unlike other origin countries where cocoa is dried by mechanical heating process, the Ghanaian farmer dries his produce using natural rays of the sun, as beans are evenly spread on a raised bamboo mats. Turning is regular and every part of the beans is exposed to the incident of sun rays. Coupled with complete fermentation, Ghana cocoa beans diffuse the best natural chocolate aroma and a perfect dry brown colour appearance. Furthermore, quality control is rigorous. Ghana Cocoa is subjected to a minimum of three stages of quality inspection prior to shipment. This gives added assurance and confidence to our customers to buy Ghana Cocoa at all times.