Industry Policy

Ghana Cocoa – Free from Child Labour

Ghana continues to cooperate fully with International Cocoa Initiative to prevent any form of child labour on cocoa farms. Even though various international agencies have researched and have found no significant form of child labour on Ghana's cocoa farms, the Cocoa Board finds it necessary to go through the certification process, which is in advance stage. It is illegal in Ghana to deny a child of free compulsory basic education.

Efforts to prevent Child Labour

  • The importance COCOBOD attaches to the need to deal with the child labour problem led to the immediate setting up of a Child Labour Desk at the Head Office for the purpose of coordinating all issues relating to the issue.
  • COCOBOD, in collaboration with International Cocoa Initiative (ICI), has trained its frontline staff, management and the Licensed Buying Companies on WFCL concepts to build capacity and facilitate integration of child labour issues into field activities of the operatives. Most of the frontline staff of COCOBOD and the LBCs (District Officers and Regional Mangers) have been taken through knowledge and skills-based training on child labour elimination through community sensitization. They have been directed to undertake awareness creation and community sensitization by mainstreaming child labour activities into their routine operations. Three more batches remain to go through the training to complete the programme.
  • Sensitization activities have been organized through farmers' rallies, meetings and forums. The main theme of these meetings has always been the need to keep the children away from all hazardous jobs in cocoa farms that impact negatively on their development and education.
  • COCOBOD is also taking advantage of the widespread location of radio stations in cocoa farming communities to put together a weekly radio show project through which relevant issues bordering on worst forms of child labour would be highlighted.
  • On the use of poverty alleviation as a means to eliminate child labour in the cocoa sector, COCOBOD is doing much in a form of financial empowerment of the cocoa farmers.

Better Pricing for Farmers

COCOBOD continues to review the producer price of cocoa order to pay remuneration prices to farmers. By this policy, the Ghanaian cocoa farmer earns a minimum of 70% of the world market price of cocoa.

Farm maintenance programmes

COCOBOD has and continues to sponsor farm maintenance programs such as Cocoa Diseases and Pests Control (CODAPEC) as well as the Fertilizer Application (HITECH).This is aimed at increasing the productivity and income of the farmer.

Scholarship Scheme

COCOBOD offers financial assistance to wards of cocoa farmers in secondary school. This frees up funds for the farmers to invest in other social areas.