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CMC Union Chairman attend International Labour Meeting

The National chairman of the Employees Union of the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union (ICU Ghana) of the CMC, Brother KojoIntsiful becomes the first National Union Chairman to be sponsored to attend a meeting of the International LabourOrganisation. The decision to sponsor the "Chief Workers Right Advocate" to ILO meetingsin Switzerland isa testimony of management's commitment to broaden the horizon of union leadership withinCMC.

About 5000 delegates from member states of the International Labour Organization's (ILO) converged in Geneva, Switzerland from 30th May – 14 June 2012, to discuss issues affecting the world's labour front. High profile personalities, including Aung San SuuKyi (Burmese opposition leader), Presidentof CostaRica - Laura Chinchilla Miranda, President of Italy -Georgio Napolitano, the President of Panama - Ricardo Martinelli, the president of Peru - OllantaHumala, the president of Tunisia - FouadMebazaa, the president of Zambia - Michael Sata and Spain's President - Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero attended the 101 session of the ILO.

Key issues, which dominated the agenda, were;

  • Employment and Social protection in the new demographic context
  • Sustainable development, decent work and green jobs
  • Decent work in global supply chains
  • Youth entrepreneurship transforming job into job creation.
  • The right to information and consultation in the framework of economic restructuring.

Three subjects of particular interest to the cocoa industry include;Employment and Social Protection, Decent Work in Supply Chains and the Right to Information and Consultation in the framework of economic restructuring. The agenda on Decent Work in global supply chain is aimed at promoting responses to challenges of achieving food security. These challenges include the use of forced child or slave labour in supply farming. It is in this respect that organizedlabour, as a stakeholder of Ghana's cocoa industry would be required to play its part in ensuring decent working conditions. Organisedlabour was urged protect the interest of thousands of people working in hazardous conditions, such as spraying chemicals without the appropriate protective clothing or nose masks etc.

Employment and social protection are critical avenues for achieving growth and development in emerging economies. Policies to achieve long-term protection of staff during their working life and at pension guarantees staff, a decent living conditions that make them productive. ILO hopes that, member countries would work towards developing social protection systems that guarantees predictable financing throughout the life of every worker.

Increasing recognition of right to information by member states is an exciting trend in the international labour front. Information is considered as oxygen to participatory governance at workplace, a need that is crucial for workers. A number of member states of the ILO have taken a step further to include the right to be informed and be consulted as a policy at workplace. In the United Kingdom for example, companies and organisations employing more than 50 staff are required by regulation to put a system in place to allow meaningful dialogue to take place between management and staff. These new regulations add on to already existing rights of employees and it is in this direction that the ILO considers it this agenda important for its members.

The CMC prides itself as a global Company and have secured favourable working conditions for its workers. The Company ensures that, serving staff benefit from housing and car ownership schemes as well as other benefits, which ensure decent living conditions. It provides generous protective clothing terms and allowances for port staff in a bid to make the working environment decent and safe. Adequate rapport exists among all levels between staff and management in pursuit of the vision of the Company. However, there is room for improvement and Management is encouraged to continue in its effort to support labour unions and their representatives to attend future forums of the ILO.

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