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Once upon a time, between 384-322 BC, (when he lived), a renowned
Greek Political Philosopher with a highly perceptive mind called
Aristotle noted that “man is a political animal… the only being that
lives in organised communities in which relationships are regulated.

He was of the view that every citizen belonged to a state and that no
human being could attain self fulfillment outside the state.

Aristotle additionally revealed that “the individual, when isolated,
is not self sufficing, but he who is unable to live in society, or who
has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a
beast or a god”.

Human beings therefore in this sense complement one another in a
network of relationships. By further explanation, these
relationships, in order to persist, require order in the form of
regulated conduct.

Aristotle again was of the view that, every society consists of two
distinct groups, with each of them for the common good of all societal

The first group is the Central authority that makes and enforces rules
for the common good whereas the second group is the rest of the
population who obey the rulers.

Authority or rule and obedience, therefore form the essential elements
that ensures the survival and progress of the organised community
called the state.

My Kinsmen, it is a truism that Aristotle’s observations several
hundred years ago buy dare to say they are even more relevant to our
society today than they were to the society about which they were
You see, undoubtedly today’s men and women are political animals an
political activities have become a universal pre-occupation in every
organised human collectivity.

Irrespective of where they live on the planet are involved in, married
or unmarried, literate or illiterate, young or old, human beings find
themselves engaged in some sort of discussions on politics everyday in
their lives.

Quickly travel into a pensive mood and tell it on the mountains, over
the hills, in the vallies and ever where whether in your deliberation
about your country, you have not commented before on such things as
the bad condition of roads, the school system, the supply of potable
water and electricity to your area of residence, the attitude of a
public official and news of war and peace which ought to be fixed by
the government.

This means the average person is almost totally dependent on the
government or his or her basic needs like quality education, good
health, housing etc. and providers of such amenities expect monetary
rewards in returns.
Brothers and sisters, the interactions above produces idea,
disagreements and solutions among individuals on daily basis.
Believe it or not, like it or not, live or loathe it, political
activity have therefore become the universal preoccupations in every
human collectivity and it is this fact that gives meaning to the
notion of the ubiquity of politics.

The fundamental goal of all political activity is therefore to provide
structures and processed through which rival groups and ideas would
compete over mea ns and ends, priorities and differences and over
areas and conflicat and accommodation in the allocation of scare
resources of society.

The other side of politics given the degree at acrimony, rancor and
bitterness, invectives, mudslinging and violence that characterises
political activities, especially in African countries, many have
therefore concluded that irrespective of any goody that politic
provides, it remains a dirty game.
Folks, be r3eminded also that political processes do not only breed
heroes but selfish readers, charlatans and villains.
It is these breed of men and women who make politics dirty and not the
game of politics itself.
You see, be counseled that like the elephant prays for long life and
not fatness, (it is naturally fat) you must also pray God to grant you
the sense to behave as a political animal-according to the rules and
not like an animal-outside the rules.

After all, every human being is already involved in politics.
Do you remember the commentary you run on the bad road hospital,
school, electricity, high tax and the “modus operandi” of that public

Politic s must therefore continue to be for all.


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