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Health & Nutrition of Cocoa and Cocoa Products

In the past, chocolate has been appreciated as a high-calorie food to boost energy, for example for athletes and soldiers. Recently, more and more research has been conducted on the health and nutritional attributes of cocoa and chocolate. Research findings indicate that some components in cocoa help prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce the risk of cancer. These positive findings seem, however, often to be overshadowed using chocolate as the scapegoat as a cause of obesity. Certain people readily classify chocolate as "junk food", because of its high calorie content.

As attention to the health and nutritional aspects of cocoa and chocolate has continued to increase, the ICCO Secretariat took the initiative, through the support of its Council, to become involved in the ongoing debate, with the aim of conveying to the public an objective picture of the impact of cocoa and chocolate consumption on the health and nutritional status of consumers. As a result, the Secretariat produced a first draft of an "Inventory of Health and Nutritional Attributes of Cocoa and Chocolate", as well as a first draft of an Action Programme on the Health and Nutritional Aspects of Cocoa and Chocolate.

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